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  • 4 inch succulents in a row, showing purple, blue and green tones. Beautiful rosette shapes.
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4 Pack of 4 Inch Succulent Rosettes

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Succulents are the perfect plant for anyone, even those of us lacking a green thumb!

This item includes a selection of 4 gorgeous 4-inch succulents straight from sunny San Diego for you to plant up! We will choose the variety sent to you based on what is currently in season. Planting and maintenance instructions will be sent along as well.

Please feel free to forward requests and we will do our very best to accommodate.

Additional Terms: "4-inch" succulents are determined by the size of the container they are currently planted in. Succulents themselves may vary in size. All shipments are final sale unless there is evidence of damage during shipment. In this instance, please send us images of how the pieces arrived and we will send you replacements immediately! You will have 48 hours from the arrival time of the package to make any damage claims.

Materials: Succulents, Soil


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