Moss Walls, Live Plant Arrangements, Green Walls with Live Succulents and Plants, Framed Moss Art, Custom Green Art Design

Moss Art

Preserved moss art is an excellent low-maintenance option to decorate your space. Created with moss that is naturally dried and then dyed different colors, they require no watering or light. We fabricate our own frames and can create any size that you need.


These stunning conversation pieces would be excellent in a low-light office or lobby that doesn't get enough light for live plants.

Live Succulent Wall

From centerpieces to live succulent walls, we can create almost anything with succulents and cacti. These plants require very little water and are great as decor for events and living spaces.


Whether you need 20 centerpieces for a wedding or a live succulent wall above the pool, we work with you to select plants that suit your needs.