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About Us

Two friends with a shared love for plants and design.

Euflora was once Sweet Digs, a beautiful company by Celestine's mentor, Lindsay Nelson, whom she worked with closely in creating and shipping succulent arrangements nationwide. The two aimed to spread the joy and beauty of succulents to budding gardeners and plant enthusiasts through arrangements, workshops, and installations.

After a natural evolution of the business and changing life stages, Celestine and Clarisse took ownership of the brand and made it their own. In 2021, Euflora & Co. was born. 

Congratulations on your new succulent!

1. Unpack your succulents right away so they can breathe after their long journey.

2. Carefully peel back any wrapping or paper surrounding your plant.

3. Keep all succulents in indirect sunlight. Outdoors, a nice table in the shade is perfect! Indoors, close to a window is best.

*** Some soil may have dislodged during shipping. Simply brush it off with a soft paint brush and your plant will be just fine.

Our Team