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Thinking Outside The Box

succulent box

Over the last 4 months (how has it already been 4 months??) I have had the opportunity to host a lot of succulent workshops. Like a lot. And I have met some awesome people. Along with those awesome people come equally awesome ideas and recommendations. I can honestly say I learn something new every single time. Sometimes it’s a creative new way to arrange a planter. Other times it’s a genius new marketing idea for the company. And it would be a crime not to mention the ever-important tip of the best hair or nail salons in the area.

 But, I gotta say, my favorite suggestions always have something to do with fresh new ways to incorporate a succulent workshop into some other upcoming event to spice things up a bit. 

I know.. I know.. That came off kind of salesie, right? I rolled my eyes at my own writing but I promise it’s true.  Take a peak at some of the suggestions below. 

-       Corporate get togethers- I worked in the corporate world for the last 5 years so I get the whole team outing thing and I know it can be super hard to come up with something new to do that will actually get your team excited. So why not change it up?? Plan a private workshop for your co-workers or come to one of our community workshops. It’s relaxing, social and they will get to make something cool for the office or their home.

-       Bridal Shenanigans- Bachelorette party? Bridal shower? Come one, come all! Pro Tip: For brides on a budget, grab the girls and make your beautiful succulent centerpieces with us! We’ll work with your budget and vision of what the big day looks like. 

-       Group Outing- Holy moly. San Diego has so many social groups. It blows my mind! Hiking clubs, Bunco groups, running teams, Crossfit gyms. Unlace  your tennies and put down your playing cards. It’s time to mix it up and head to a Sweet DIYGs workshop.

-       A few other ideas for the road: Birthday parties, sorority sisterhood events, mothers day, philanthropic events (donate your arrangements to a hospital or nursing home), date night, fundraising events.

Are the wheels in your head spinning?? I sure hope so! If you have an idea, just reach out to me and I would be more than happy to work with you to plan and awesome workshop for you and your friends!


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