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How to Take Care of Your Sweet Digs Succulent Arrangement

Hey guys! Here are a few fun tips to keep your succulents alive and thriving!!

Succulents are Shady! - Yours succulent arrangement will do best in in-direct sunlight. Ideal locations are shaded outdoor areas and inside near a window.

Drink Up- Since most of our planters lack drainage holes we recommend using a squirt bottle and spraying as close to the base of the plant as possible. 5 squirts per succulent should do the trick! Too much work? Throw some ice cubes in your planter 1-2 a week to keep it looking fresh! 

Stand Up Straight- Your succulents will grow towards their sunlight source. To keep them standing tall, rotate your planter every couple of weeks. 

Cheer Up Buttercup- Its not uncommon for the bottom leaves of your succulent to dry up. Its just a part of life! Just pick them off when necessary to keep your plant looking fresh! 

Change is good! - Your plants may outgrow their planter after a year or so and will need to be changed out. When replanting, be sure to use cacti soil which can be found at your local nursery. 

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