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Don't Stress. Make a Mess.

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As someone who has worked in the corporate world since graduating college, I am more than familiar with the stress that comes from working 40-50 hour work weeks. I’m not even sure that it was the actual work that stressed me out but more the idea of trying to fit everything in to 24 hours. I felt like I spent my entire day running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off and by the time I finally got home at night, I still hadn’t accomplished a good chunk of the things that were on my to-do list. If you’ve never felt this way then good for you! I am very jealous. But if you have, thank goodness because I thought I was alone!

Being that I had grown up in what I like to call the “Pinterest era”, I’ve tested a ton of different de-stress techniques. I’ve ran long distances, sat with my legs elevated for 5 minutes a day, meditated, gone to yoga, de-cluttered my apartment, sat by an oil diffuser and honestly, I really can’t even tell you how many types of herbal teas I have. You name it and I’ve probably done it or bought it with little to no positive results.  

In the midst of my investigative research, I was slowly realizing my growing fascination with succulents. I loved going to farmers markets, picking up a few beautiful succulents and planting them in whatever I could find. Empty bowls, mason jars, and even a Moscow Mule mug I “borrowed” from a bar in PB. Not my fault security wasn’t tighter… But it wasn’t until last year that it finally hit me that gardening was the one activity that truly made me relax. I think it has something to do with focusing on one plant at a time, getting my hands dirty, and creating something beautiful that I am truly proud of that helps me clear my mind of all the other craziness going on around me.

I have done some additional research since this light bulb flickered on in my head and wanted to share with you what I have learned. Turns out gardening is scientifically proven to have the following positive effects on the body:

  • -Decrease stress and anxiety
  • -Promote brain health
  • -Decrease depression
  • -Positively affect your mood

Check out the article below. It has some great information about the awesome effects of getting your hands dirty with gardening!

Since finally identifying what worked so well to make my life a little less cray cray, I’ve made it my mission to spread the word by starting Sweet DIYG’s. Even with the stress of day-to-day life, it’s important to always carve some time out for yourself. Come to one of our upcoming workshops to de-stress, de-compress, and make a mess. Oh.. and there will be wine. Lots and lots of wine. :)

- Written by Lindsay Tiers


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