4 tips to help you stay in budget while planning your wedding!

4 tips to help you stay in budget while planning your wedding!


In the last month, I have had the opportunity to meet with some super cool chicas who are in the process of planning their wedding. As someone who has been in many weddings but has not yet planned my own, my mind spins when I hear about all of the time and money that goes in to planning “The Big Day”. But these brides have been cool as cucumbers... at least in front of me. I hope I’m also cool, calm, and collected when my day comes but, in all honesty, I will likely be a little bit of a bridezilla.

Though my brides seem to be chillin, there does seem to be one common stressor in the back of all of their minds while making their plans…. Budget. Ughhhh! Money is such a downer, especially when you don’t have endless amounts of it. Being that I am pretty much always ballin on a budget, I am so sympathetic to budget constraints and do my very best to work with my brides to make sure they get everything their heart desires without breaking the bank. In doing so, I have come up with a few tips and tricks to keep prices down without compromising quality. If you have other ideas, please leave them in a comment! I would love to hear them!!

1.     Succulents. Okay, okay. I know I’m biased but succulents are THE BEST wedding décor. They are resilient little suckers that will last for days on end. Use the centerpieces from your rehearsal dinner and re-purpose them as isle runners at your ceremony.  Take the arrangements from your cocktail hour and give them to your bridesmaids as Thank You gifts.  Do you want to know how much money you just saved? Like $500 bucks.


2.     Host a workshop. There’s a reason that your bridal party is made up of your family and best friends; because they would do anything for you. So put them to work! Host a private workshop at Sweet DIYGs and have your wedding party make your centerpieces or even your flower crowns. You can’t put a price on having something handmade by your friends showcased at your wedding… but if you had to, it would be cheaper than having them professionally made. :)


3.     Set Expectations Early. Like shopping for a new car, you DO NOT test-drive the Tesla when you can only afford the Smart Car. Make sure your florist knows your budget ahead of time and don’t look at the shiny more expensive stuff first! Prioritize your must-haves over your nice-to-haves. You can always add-on extras closer to your wedding date if there is still money to spare.

4.     Rentals. Make sure to check with your florist to see if there is an option to rent arrangements or planters rather than purchasing all of them. Often times this is an option that isn’t always discussed.

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